ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭ 𝐑𝐞𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐝 𝐁𝐥𝐨𝐠


December 5, 2022

it’s really easy to get sucked into thinking that discovering "what the elites are really doing,” or “who they really are” is an important step in the process of getting out from underneath them. I think this is a trap, and an incredibly effective one as it diffuses the universal recognition of this moment—where large segments of the population can agree that a minority of very powerful people at the top have far too much say on what the majority below them can think, say, or do.

we don’t need the elites to be the jews, lizards, baby-blood-draining demons, aliens, etc., for them to effectively influence and control our lives and perception of reality. they own the levers of politics, culture, and technology. with these, it's incredibly easy for even generic humans to heavily monitor and control our lives. the people at the top don’t even have to be malicious in their wielding of power, they can just as easily view themselves the hero in this story. hardly anybody uses “i am evil” as a mindset from which they act.

the deep state can be, and probably is, as simple as: people who have gained vast amounts of wealth and influence (by effectively using the current societal system: rich birth, political promises, cultural sway, etc.) who work tirelessly to keep it.

CONSPIRACISM IS A PSYOP. the elites are laughing at you.


October 14, 2022

I hate hate absolutely fucking hate that the backrooms has degenerated into yet another horror concept that has overflown with silly ghosts and ghouls. I DONT WANT TO KNOW WHATS BEHIND THE CORNER i want to be scared of what i imagine there is! I want weird & eerie, not monster of the week! why wasn’t the original concept enough for ppl?? no-clipping into a soul-crushingly dull fluorescent damask maze reaching far past infinity was more than enough to harbor plenty of terror. It hinted at something (god knows what) without giving it away, let alone autistically documenting every single entity on each and every “level” as well as their behavior, appearance, aggression, sexuality, astrological sign, blood type, etc, etc. STOP STOP STOP adding to the horror if it doesn’t need it (especially if it takes away from the original intention) and pls stop breaking my toys!!

“omg just let ppl enjoy things” no i hate you >:(


October 5, 2022

art is and has always been theft from things that inspire. I fill my silly little head with signifiers throughout my life so that i can remix the best parts from each into something new, at the very least into something interesting. most of it is garbage. all of it is stolen. I roam the oozing halls of cyberspace (like many artists) in search of artworks far superior to mine in terms of raw ability and then siphon what I can from them in order to iterate on my own process. ai art generation is only the latest and most effective tool for this very purpose. I am a burglar who has been handed a weapon of mass destruction and plan to use it mercilessly, all while intending the degradation of the corporations that hide such technologies behind paywalls.